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How to Select a Pallet Rack System

The right pallet rack system is essential for a warehouse, distribution center, or shipping dock to function productively. Maximizing space, improving efficiency, and choosing a system to coincide with the preferred procedure for inventory management saves time and money well into the future in several areas. Efficiency moves products quickly and with as few movements as possible. That saves on both equipment and staffing levels for handling merchandise. It also drastically reduces the incidents of damage, spoilage, and loss of inventory. Time is saved on both accepting and placing deliveries into the facility, and on getting inventory ready to ship out. Minimal delays keeps schedules running on time, and customers satisfied with service.

There are many considerations that go into selecting the appropriate rack system, and there are large warehouses that utilize more than one type of system, depending on the space and the needs. One consideration is the configuration of the space available. A narrow storage space, such as those designed for first in first out (FIFO) inventory management, has bays that have an opening at each end. A drive-in Pallet rack miami is the best system in these situations because the racks move forward as new ones are added to the inventory. That ensures the first rack at the other end is always the correct one to leave the warehouse or dock next.

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Selective pallet rack systems are the most common because they provide direct access to each pallet. That makes it convenient to move inventory around the interior space when necessary. This is used at distribution centers and warehouses that respond to customer ordering trends. Getting items that happen to be on sale, for example, is fast and easy.

Business owners and facility managers who may need assistance selecting the best rack system for their space, budgets, and inventory management style can discus needs with sales staff. Experienced companies, such as Atlantic Rack, provide consultations, suggestions for selecting a rack system, and also provide dock equipment and other components needed to operate a facility. Used pallet systems are available, if budgetary constraints are another consideration taken when deciding on a proper system.

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